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Mothers day and more

It has been a relaxing weekend… have spent much of my time away from the laptop, though I have my little digital toy in my hand through out this weekend along with my brand new Camera. Yes, I haven’t written much about it here so far. I bought a Canon EOS 500D couple of months […]

Rule – O – Rules

BMTC, a government run organization here in Bangalore. I get to see BMTC buses slipping through a busy one-way in “Langford Road” almost all the days. This is a very common view for many commuters on this way to Hosur main road. I don’t see any police officer stopping them. Its bit irritating as we […]

Unexpected great loss

Yesterday it was an another shocking day for Kannadiga’s when they heard about the death of Saahasa Simha Dr. Vishnuvardhan. An another great actor ends his journey of life and fills in sorrow in the hearts of his fans across Karnataka.

Though I was bit hesitant to be on road, went out to see if I could get a glimpse of the star hero. While driving towards Basavanagudi, I was humming many of his movie songs being played on various FM channels. Recalled my childhood days where in I used to watch “ChitrageethegaLu (Flim Songs)” on every Friday evenings at 7pm on DD-1 Chandana and used to wait for songs from “Nagarahavu“, Bandana, Muttina haara and few other favorites of Vishnu.I have many of his movies on TV long long ago but still those dialogues etc ring in my ears and in last two years have seen some of his new movies in theater (Mathad Mathad Mallige is one which I liked much recently).

From the Movie Nagarahaavu, Directed by Puttanna Kanagal

Pala captures the day through his cam and I tried capturing some with my HTC though.. Here is a link for Pala’s album

Picture by Pala: Protest? against what?

I didn’t find it quite possible to get near by and my self and pala have been lucky to get away from the place where in the mob had burnt vehicles etc yesterday evening. People climbing buildings to through the long running queues and authorities pushing the men away to control the crowd and that recalls what had happened when Dr. Rajkumar passed away and everything came to stand still. Please people stay put from such activities atleast while we pay our last tributes to our own stars. This is not the way to end an year and not the way to say good bye to your hero.

Rest in peace Vishnu…


Wikipedia: English Kannada

Podcast – Chaitrodaya – GSS Kaavyavaachana

Rasika Baaro team had organized “Chaitrodaya – G S Shivarudrappa Kaavyavaachana” program on 27th December, 09 at Ravindra Kalakshetra. Renowned  names from various different fields attended this event and read out poems written by Raashtra Kavi G S Shivarudrappa to pay a much needed tribute. It was a great pleasure and treat. Got a chance to listen to few of my favorite poems written by GSS. GSS documentary was also played at the end of the event.

I got a chance to live tweet the happenings of this event and you can find the same on my twitter account . I have tried my best to tag the postings with #chitrodaya and #kannada.

My HTC tattoo allowed me to record few moments of this event and here I present them for you. Listen to them and enjoy…


Event Pics: Mansore’s Janapriyarallada Janapriyaru

SanteyoLagina anaamikaru – Place specific peoples art work exhibition by Mansore event pics…

Its not an ad...

It’s not an ad..


Mansore aka Manjunath S with his art work on Pedestrians over bridge on Kempegowda over bridge


Another art work..”Favorite of this project”, says Mansore


Find him some where near by…


Hey, don’t you know me?


“Janapriyarallada Janapriyaru” – People who are not well known but known to many…

Few words by Mansore on this occasion..

Kannada Blog post:

Kannada Wikipaedia?

Deccanherald published this following article on its website on 5th December.

I guess it was supposed to be  “Wikipedia” instead. On contrary, Kannada wikipedia  has been live from more than 5 years on the net at and computer savvy kannadiga’s have already been contributing a large amount of articles(there are more than 5000 articles already) voluntarily. Then what is this all about?

Looks like Deccanherald didn’t do the complete homework before publishing the news.

Real Story

* Karnataka government launched a “Wikipedia” like project called “Kanaja (” at the cost of 2 crore rupees of tax money collect from public.

* First of all does not resemble a wiki.

* is a plain HTML static pages archive as of now.

* Many links are not yet up even when it has been grandly launched by Cheif Minister of Karnataka

* There is no need for developing a new software for building such project for public interest.Mediawiki, a Free and Open Source software is already powering Worlds largest wiki project Wikipedia even contains a language wiki for Kannada. On top of all this, its time tested. So, why reinvent the wheel?

* Hosted on a Windows server (you can find it easily if you click on broken links on the website). Do we really need to pay for licensing softwares when there is an OpenSource solution available? Why not use Gnu/Linux server which is secure, stable, scalable than windows server.

I really wonder if there is any tech savvy member in Karnataka Government who can question this project “after” collecting all relevant technical aspects involved in this project. Is there any one out there on net who knows whats going on with Kanaja?