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Back online on Wireless Fidelity

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Yes, I’m now on WiFi for few hours. At last I received my new battery this evening. Here you can see some info on backup that I’m getting and it’s power chart.

Thanks to Dell for delivering my order well before the estimated time. But there is an issue, the receipt which I received along with battery quotes a wrong price of the hardware (Huh! it should cost almost 50% less than the price quoted in the quotation received). I have asked for an explanation. Lets see what Dell has got to say with it.

4:39 Hrs, good, good.

DELL 85 WHr 9-Cell Lithium-Ion Primary Battery for Dell XPS M1210

I’m now going to play around with powertop to see if I can improve the backup performance.  Linux is going green because of Intels LessWatt project. Powertop is one of the tool created under this project.

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