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Richard Murphy, a windows user and a blogger talks about Microsoft and Bill gates philanthropy on his blog as follows.

RTE in Ireland has reported:

Accounts for Microsoft Ireland Research, an Irish subsidiary of the global software giant, show that the company paid just €460,000 in tax, on profits of more than €1.2 billion last year, by using provisions in Irish tax law to take its corporation tax bill down from €158m. Much of Microsoft’s international profits are channeled through Ireland, but because the main company for Microsoft’s activities has unlimited liability, it does not have to file detailed accounts.

You couldn’t make it up. That’s 0.04% tax.

Corporate social irresponsibility in a parasitical state writ large, I suggest.

And it’s this sort of behavior that finances Bill Gate’s philanthropy. I cannot tell you how angry that makes me.

Disclosure: I am an Irish Citizen. I do use Microsoft products.

What you say about this? Give some gyan to Bill Gates and other corporate brains….