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Trousered ape on Mumbai Terror

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Trousered ape on Mumbai Terror:

The ” Mumbai Terror” is according to me is the last nail in the coffin as far as our patience goes. We have had enough of this. Shobha De speaking on NDTV got it spot on when she said that the Political Sytem is currently incapable to handle this terror attacks. Our borders are so insecure that it is pretty easy for anybody to do this. When I travel abroad, I am asked by the immigration as to the purpose of my visit. In the case of the slightest doubt on the indentity of the person entering the country they are taken for further enquiries. But When I enter India, The officials barely look at my face and mechanically stamp my passport. The innocent lives lost over the last three days is a testimony to the fact that we have failed as a nation to protect our people. Since 9/11 in the USA , there has hardly been any attact. That is a way a true democracy works. One needs to learn the lessons quickly. If we need to survive as a nation giving true freedom to our citizens , we have to act tough. This is my first cut reaction. I will write more tomorrow. I am too emotional right now……

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