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Bhuvan – Still a Gagana Kusum


Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is out with its first Indian Earth Observation Visualization tool at – . So far we all used to depend on google maps and google earth applications to get maps and 3D visualization. Reports say that more than 60000 people registered as soon as this project was launched for its beta testing. But many of us were totally discouraged to usethe application as it was vendor locked by forcing Internet community to stick to Internet explorer, DirectX and other proprietary applications. Internet users such as myself have been using firefox, opera and other browsers where in we can’t see whats really Bhuvan has got for us. Looks like it is totally an ignorance of who ever is responsible to deliver such application. An OS independent application is what is needed when entire web is moving towards web3.0 for better user experience and advancements. A small survey of web users would have been resulted in a good design and solution. Hope ISRO learns this very fast during Bhuvan’s beta testing and come out with the right solution that is needed soon.

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Deccan Herald report by Deepa Kurup and Divya Gandi has got more info about this – Bouquets and brickbats for Bhuvan mapping portal

Wait India Wait

Few more hours, we all here in India will know what will be the result of votes that we casted few days back. Did we really choose the “right candidates” to take us forward in this 21st century? The worlds biggest democracy is awaiting the results. From morning 8AM every one have almost glued themselves to TV/FM Channels and many of us are sitting here in front of out laptops and desktops checking the live results flooding through various sources.

What’s up India? Is your Morning is good enough so far? Let us wait and see…

You can check out the live election results on:

Karnataka results @

Lok sabha Elections 2009- Don’t forget to vote

I received my voters card(Updated) and I’m voting. What about you?

Internet is being used effectively to spread awareness about elections. There are lots of blogs, tweeter posts, candidate websites, party websites and more.

You can now get lots of data online about election @


*Yugaadi* – Life is a right mix of Bevu and Bella


**Yugaadi** (Yuga – aadi : Beging of the new Era), start of a new year for the people of Deccan region of India. We share Bevu – Bella (Neem and Jaggery) on this festive day. Significance of bevu and bella is to remind sorrow and joyful moments of life during the beginning of a grand new year. This festival sends out a message to accept both of these in the right spirit and look forward for great things ahead this year.

May this new year bring you all happiness and joy.

Tata’s Nano: The peoples car creates buzz

Tata Motors released worlds cheapest car just few minutes back. Tata Nano, this name has already crated a huge  buzz among Indian consumers. Now, its media’s turn to take it further across the globe.

Ratanlal Tata launched the project six months behind the schedule. “We are at the gates offering a new form of transportation to the people of India, and later I hope other markets as well,”  he says.

Three variants of Nano has been released. It’s base price starts at Rs 100,000 (around $1980). Tata is also planning  to launch its European variant byb 2011. Next target will be United states.

At the current economic situation, low-cost cards are very attractive for consumers, though the original intention had been totally different. We are yet to wait and see the effects and side-effects of this new invention.