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Kannada on Android

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Many seems to be still searching how to read on your phones. Lack of support for Indic language still troubles many of us who like to read and write in Indian languages.

Here is a quick how-to for your reference.

  • Search and Install Opera Mini on Android market
  • Or use this QR code






  • Open opera browser on your phone and type about:config in url bar and then press go
  • Scroll down until you see the setting Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts
  • Change its value to yes and save
  • Now you should be able to read Kannada on Android

This setting will make the Opera Mini to render the page on server side and then deliver it. Hence even though your phone doesn’t have Unicode fonts or rendering capability, you can still read it.

Writing in Kannada is still not possible as of today. But its not impossible. If you dare to root your Android phone and hack into the code available out there for input methods can make it work.

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