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Easy Auto relaunched for Bangaloreans

easy_auto Commuting in Bangalore  using Autorickshaws is not so easy and safe. There have been few initiatives like pre-paid auto etc. to make you feel better about this. I personally never liked the way autowala’s have behaved with commuters and hated myself to be using their service. Though there have been few exceptions where in I was able to reach my destination safe. At times its necessary to use such transport systems though you never like it.

From 15th May onwards, Bangaloreans can Call/SMS for an Auto. Yes, check this out:

No more refusals. With EASY AUTO, Call or SMS 9844112233 or visit to book an auto. Agents fluent in Kannada, English and Hindi man the centre. Your name and destination will be recorded with us, ensuring safety at all times…

Hopefully, this will change the way Autowala’s behave and drive safe inside the city.

Vote India..

VOTE. voteIt is our fundamental right! to select the right candidate who can represent us in worlds largest democracy. If you really want to have a say in anything related to it, go and vote..

Choose the right candidate for the better tomorrow.

I could easily cast vote without much headaches. Good work so far EC.

Grant of Holiday on the Polling Day

As per Section 135B of the Representation of Peoples Act, a Company would have to grant a paid holiday on the eve of election.

The said section is reproduced as below:

135B. Grant of paid holiday to employees on the day of poll.—

  1. Every person employed in any business, trade, industrial undertaking or any other establishment and entitled to vote at an election to the House of the People or the Legislative Assembly of a State shall, on the day of poll, be granted a holiday.
  2. No deduction or abatement of the wages of any such person shall be made on account of a holiday having been granted in accordance with sub-section (1) and if such person is employed on the basis that he would not ordinarily receive wages for such a day, he shall nonetheless be paid for such day the wages he would have drawn had not a holiday been granted to him on that day.
  3. If an employer contravenes the provisions of sub-section (1) or sub-section (2), then such employer shall be punishable with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees.
  4. This section shall not apply to any elector whose absence may cause danger or substantial loss in respect of the employment in which he is engaged.

In addition to the above, some of the states, publish a notification, declaring the election day as holiday, under the provisions of the Industrial Establishment (National & Festival Holidays) Act. Just to give you an example,Section 3-A to the Karnataka Industrial Establishment (National & Festival Holidays) Act, 1963 it is mandatory to declare paid holiday on the day of polling.

Karnataka Industrial Establishments (National & Festival Holidays) Act 1963:

Under Sec. 3-A

GRANT OF HOLIDAY ON THE POLLING DAY, FOR HOUSE OF PEOPLE OR THE STATE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY:- Not with standing anything contained in Section 3, when a general election to the House of the people or to the State Legislative Assembly or an election to fill up any casual vacancy in the House of the people or the state Legislative Assembly is held under the Representation of the People Act,1951 ( Central Act 43 of 1951 ), every employee ( other than an employee in an industrial establishment owned or controlled by the Govt. of India ) whose name is included in the electoral roll of the Constituency where such election is held , shall be allowed on the polling day, a day’s paid holiday to enable him to exercise his Franchise.

IPLT20 Fever Starts

Today IPLT20 (Indian Premier League Twenty-20) league matches started. I’m unable to have fun with my TV as I sit here and work. But I shall tell you about something related to IPLT20 online visibility.

There might be hundreds of blogs etc, but IPLT20 official website suffers due to huge hits. We are unable to view anything related to the matches on this website, though it is being advertised almost every minute on TV. Check this out.

Okay, I’m off from the blog for a while. Enjoy IPLT20…