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Harry Potter suffers from brain disorder – dyspraxia

A DailyMail post reports that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe suffers from dyspraxia. It was revealed by the star him self. It means he can’t tie  his shoelaces. He is just 19 years old and he also added in his interview that he became an actor as he was not successful at school. You can read the complete report here.

This report reminds me of “Taare Jameen Par” movie directed and acted by out Bollywood hero Aamir Khan. I got to purchase a set of VCD;s of this movie from Music World yesterday which add a special discussion with the star and other experts who spoke about an another decease called dyslexia. Aamir khan stressed the point that all kids can show off their own potential in many different fields. Daniel Radcliffe is also one example for that. Its necessary to share these type of information in local languages in India as many parents who scold their children for not being good at studies without understanding the root cause don’t have the adequate knowledge. Aamir khan has done a great job by making such a wonderful movie to explain dyslexia. Lets spread this word to others and try creating a great place for such children who can prove themselves to be “Creative!”

I shall checkout of Aamir khan have got anything posted in his blog about the panel discussions which have added into the VCD and share it with you all.

Image source :China Daily