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Updating DELL Server firmware on Redhat based Linux Servers

It has become quite simple to upgrade the Servers firmwares if you’re running Linux on them.

Find the repos from Linux portal of Dell.
# set up repos
wget -q -O – | bash
wget -q -O – | bash

Install the firmware tools

yum -y install firmware-addon-dell

And here you go. Update BIOS updates/firmwares easily.

# install BIOS update
yum -y install $(bootstrap_firmware)

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Technology for Media Students

Slides used for a technical session at Commits College, Bangalore on 6th July 2011

Additional Reference links:-

  • A Day Without Media –
  • 15 Terrific TED Talks for New Media –
  • Nine top tips for Media Studies students  -

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Arivina Alegalu

Many of you have been working with tools, softwares & technology. Here is an yet another opportunity for you to share your experience with people here in Karnataka.   Friends in Karnataka are here to share your experience with the world in an innovative way. Please visit to read more.

We decided to celebrate Independence day in an unique way this time by requesting all FOSS enthusiasts to write about their experience in Kannada. Selected articles go live from August 1st to August 14th and on 15th we shall release an eBook of the collection while celebrating the FREEDOM. Yes, we are again celebrating technology and writing for Free and OpenSource Software.  If we get more and more articles, we promise to make them also available for others to read.

Special Notes:- Articles will be released under  License.

You can find more information about the idea behind this event etc on http:://

We request all of you to support this event by writing to us, participating in the event actively and also by spreading the word about this event to many others who never get to followup on Social Networking Buzz.

For those who like to “LIKE” we are on facebook – Do like this event and share the info with your friends.

Last date for submitting your articles is 22nd July 2011.

Mail us :- arivu AT sanchaya DOT net for more information.

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#bcb10 – Localization Efforts for Sharing Knowledge

Did you ever dream of landing in an alien land or being treated as one in your own land? I had little such thoughts way back in time and that had made me start writing about my learning’s about technology, life etc in . Today I got a chance to share my work with enthusiasts at Barcamp Bangalore 10.

Thanks barcamp for the opportunity.

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Corkscrew for SSH over Squid

Accessing on networks powered through might be tricky if you’re new to tunneling etc. I was blocked by from sshing to remote machines and making changes to config as well as rules didn’t do any magic.

helped me recently to allow ssh access through HTTP-Proxy.

All that I had to do is to get Corkscrew from its homepage. Install it the way as follows.
Unpack and Compile corkscrew:

tar -xzvf corkscrew.tar.gz
# [..]
cd corkscrew
make install

You’re too good till here if everything goes fine. Lets see how we can use Corkscrew on SSH.

Suggest SSH command to use proxy by adding the following line to ssh that you find in your home directory. Mostly located in $HOME/.ssh/config. If you don’t find one, create it. Couple of lines marked below should go inside the config file.

Host *
  ProxyCommand corkscrew 8080 %h %p

Replacing with the name or address of your http proxy and possibly replacing 8080 with the port on which the proxy listens, which may be 80 or 3128 in case of squid. The %h and %p will be replaced automatically by SSH with the actual destination host and port.

These lines tell the SSH client to start corkscrew to make the actual connection to the SSH server. The Host * line says that this will be done for ALL hosts.

That is it. Now try to ssh to remote machines and see a thumbs up by your terminal prompt.

Many time this trick even works to when you want to browse your networks securely by tunneling over your remote machine for browsers.

Interesting site explaining more about Corkscrew can be found here.

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Test Unity support on Natty Narwhal (Ubuntu 11.04)

Narwhal is out with brand new Unity integrated. Many of you might be struggling to get Unity working on your machines. Unity has restrictions to run on specific graphics cards. It is better to check whether your graphic card supports running Unity or now.

Use the simple command listed below to run the check.

/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p

If your card is black listed, it will be reported so. Otherwise, you can use some alternative methods to run Unity.
Read on my further posts to learn about it.

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Fix: Making Wacom Bamboo Tablet work on Ubuntu Maverick

Making Wacom bamboo CTH-460 work on Ubuntu was bit tricky but it works. Thanks to all threads on Ubuntu forums. Here is what I did to get it working. 1. Get the needed libraries before compiling wacom device drivers. Run the following command in console. sudo apt-get install build-essential libxrandr-dev xserver-xorg-dev tk8.4-dev tcl8.4-dev libncurses5-dev libx11-dev […]