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Gnu/Linux Habba Mysore count down starts

All the we have got is two more days and most of our preparations are at the end stage. Burning media, taking care of the printing work, working on technical deliverables and lot more. It has been quite a bit of work and things are going smooth so far. Looking forward to catch many new faces who will be tasting Gnu/Linux for the first time.

Between, Hindu covers the story about Habba as follows:


“A group of volunteers from Sampada, who are actively propagating the use of “Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), are organizing an event on September 21 to educate and create awareness among the people about the free software alternatives available for computer users at the Physics Department Auditorium, University of Mysore.”

Read the complete article here.

There are few more tasks on which updates needs to be sent across. Registrations have started pouring in already. I was talking to hpn and mayakar about “Bulk Registrations” which are happening this time. I mean many are brining infriends along with them after registering at habba portal.

Gnu/Linux Habba Mysore – Join us

GNU/Linux Habba (held first on April 26th in Bangalore) was an experiment to introduce normal computer users to GNU/Linux. Following the overwhelming response to the event, the team of volunteers has decided to hold a similar event at Mysore on 21st September. The venue is University of Mysore. Mysore.

You are invited to take part in the event. You can register by sending an email back to me or to this address [email protected]. We also encourage Volunteers interested to take part in organizing the event by getting in touch with us.

*This is a community event. We invite suggestions, participation from all Free Software enthusiasts.*

Event Official Website:
Date: September 21st, 2008
Time: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Venue: Department Of Physics, University of Mysore, Mysore

Volunteers Meet @ Mysore for Habba v2

Hey, we are ready to make it happen. That is what team had to say when we all met at department of physics, University of Mysore. Who is going to get benefited and who should be targeted, what we should/shouldn’t repeat from the last event. These were the few questions for which we tried to find the answers during the brain storming session.

Rest of the album:

First journey in train

Indian Railway is one of the largest Rail network in the world. But it really took more than 25 years for me to check in and enjoy my journey in a train. I had never got a chance before to travel in train. Gnu/Linux Habba volunteers meet gave me an opportunity to feel the ride on train for the first time in life.

Here are some nice picture of my journey, which I found worth share with you all.

It was nice travelling in a different transport media. Had lots of fun for continuous 3 hours. Buying ticket was found to be hard but it was made easy by one of my friend. Thanks to Sunil for picking them up. While we were on wheels, talking, chatting, pulling each others legs, I could see the wonderful nature and breath a fresh hair while travelling towards Mysore. I also found the farmer on his daily “karma” and I was amazed to see people dutifully concentrating on their work without getting distracted by the vehicles moving around them. Lot more pics are on my next post with also an update on our Volunteers meet.

GNU/Linux Habba v2 at Mysore

The most awaited event for Sampada technical team. We are all joining out hands together once again on 21st September for Gnu/Linux Habba v2. This time we are at “Mysore

Tentative Date: September 21st
Venue: (Tentative)
Dept. of Physics
University of Mysore

Official Event Website :

Activities :
Volunteers Meet:
IRC, #kannada
Friday evening, Saturday evening.

There will be more ideas, much more planning this time.

Be there!