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First journey in train

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Indian Railway is one of the largest Rail network in the world. But it really took more than 25 years for me to check in and enjoy my journey in a train. I had never got a chance before to travel in train. Gnu/Linux Habba volunteers meet gave me an opportunity to feel the ride on train for the first time in life.

Here are some nice picture of my journey, which I found worth share with you all.

It was nice travelling in a different transport media. Had lots of fun for continuous 3 hours. Buying ticket was found to be hard but it was made easy by one of my friend. Thanks to Sunil for picking them up. While we were on wheels, talking, chatting, pulling each others legs, I could see the wonderful nature and breath a fresh hair while travelling towards Mysore. I also found the farmer on his daily “karma” and I was amazed to see people dutifully concentrating on their work without getting distracted by the vehicles moving around them. Lot more pics are on my next post with also an update on our Volunteers meet.

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