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Saptharushi betta


Saptharushi betta, Srirama Giri – Ramanagar

Seven Saints hill.. I shall write more about Ramanagar to explain it.

One of my best shots with my Canon PowerShot A 560

Babbrabaahu at Rangashankara


I was almost dragged out of all my technical work by Murali day before yesterday.. He took me to Rangashankara for a play called “Babbrabaahu” wirtten and directed by Murali Sringeri. Play was wonderfully performed by Nagamangala Kannada Sangha kalavedike members. The play is all about Babbrabaahu/Urdwavroma of Mahabharata. Music composition was awesome along with the performances of the Babbrabaahu – lead character of the play and Bramharaakshasa.

I really enjoyed the play and thanks to Murali for taking me to Rangashankara.

You can find few more pics of this play on my picasa album.

Bangalore through windshield

I was forced to pass by Vidhanasouda day before yesterday. All due to a temporary traffic jam created by few lazy commuters on Sheshadri road.. Here is a snapshot of vidhanasouda through my car’s windshield.


Hopefully Sheshadri road will be ready for use at the earliest.

Huawei EC 168 C with Reliance Broadband+


Just now I tested my brothers Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Huawei EC168 c card on my Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (Ubuntu 9.04). You can see the connection speed test results below.

Reliance datacard costs 3500Rs and they have set of tariff’s to choose from depending on your usage. I also heard that Tata Indicom has got a similar device with Unlimited usage package.

I couldn’t believe myself when this device gave such a good connectivity at comparably similar cost as of my existing ADSL connection. At the moment I’m really fedup with my BSNL connection due to its worst customer service and unresolved DNS issues etc.

reliance_rconnectGood isn’t it?

Reliance Broadband+ Speed Test

Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Speed Test

Would you like to know the wvdial.conf configuration?
Here it is:

[Dialer Defaults]
Init1 = ATZ
Init2 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0
Password = [your reliance number]
New PPPD = yes
Phone = #777
Idle Seconds = 3000
Modem Type = Analog Modem
Stupid Mode = 1
Baud = 9600
Auto DNS = 1
Dial Command = ATD
Ask Password = 0
ISDN = 0
Username = [your reliance number]
FlowControl = NOFLOW
Modem = /dev/ttyUSB0

Looks like its time for me to switch to a better technology.

You can find more detailss about this device and tarrifs on

NH4 Yeshwantpur FlyOver


Alas! at last we have this flyover made available for public use. No idea how long it might have taken them to finish this project on NH4 near Yeshwantpur. Chief Minister Yedyurappa inaugarated this flyover yesterday while I was heading towards IISc for M.I.L.E Showcase.

Ok, cool and thanks for completing it. But please do care about this too.


Yes, first care about the roads that we use while you build such projects. Even when the project is over, alternative roads have got large pit hots and there is where we find the hindrance to traffic flow.

Photos: Taken by HPN

Silhouette of Atlantis (STS-125) and Hubble Space Telescope


Atlantis (STS-125) and Hubble Space Telescope passing by the Sun. Photo was taken on Wednesday, May 13, 2009, from west of Vero Beach, Florida. It was said that the spaceships were at an altitude of 600 km and they took around 0.8 seconds to zip across the sun.

Photo: nasa hq photo

There are few interesting facts about this picture. This photo was not taken by NASA or with any advanced equipment. It was taken by a French citizen and a astrophotographer Thierry Legault with his 13cm telescope and a camera.

Read more about it here: