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Linux @ Gun Shot

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Its all about filling in confidence to explore a new world of possibilities. What can bring attention of a newbie to learn more about a technology? How we can make him/her hack into the in depth features of a technology to crack the master’s test? At the end at least we want him/her to be a jack of the technology to let him/her face the challenges which he/she may encounter in future.

Many people who peep into Open Source world know that its “hot” and many might not have got a chance to understand what is it all about. There are job opportunities, which demands little smartness from a newbie.

I got a chance to spend some time with around 20 fresh college graduates who are looking forward to make a great carrier in Open Source and learning Linux from scratch. Many of them have not looked into any “Operating System” or “Personal Computer” as administrators and it has been just used it as a machine to accomplish some of their projects forced by the educational system of our country. Few others have used it as an entertainment box, for playing games, music, videos etc. There is another bunch which is forced by this era to use computers to type in the resumes to grab new job opportunities available in the IT industry.

There have been lots of efforts put in to mold new techs in to better administrators from their user or power user status at work place. But always it lacked the zeal required to fill in the hackers attitude and passion for Open Source into their heart. This might be due to more theory which was poured into their mind instead of practical exposure which is a very essential part of a system administrator’s training life cycle.

We are working towards creating opportunities for those who are almost new to computers or at least new to Open Source. They need to be comfortable with the operating system and they must explore the “FREEDOM” of Free and Open Source software to gain the initial confidence and interest required to work as administrators. If a newbie finds the work as a monotonous process of remembering commands and repetitive tasks, he/she might not think of sailing in this sea for quite a long time. Linux wants newbies to create their own shields against the Gun shots of upcoming challenges, attacks, vulnerabilities and growth of technologies. Hence you never find the work to be boring. Working with Linux has never been found to be monotonous and repetitive for me so far and its always an adventure.

Bringing technology close to someone needs patience, self confidence on the technology, skills required to be one of those who are with us to learn it and little bit humor to fill in fun at the learning desk. Its always fun to explore what can be done with a gadget or a software, presenting what you feel about it to your audience will always be a challenge. A newbie finds it easy to explore the voyage during hands on training. Let him/her be free to try out new things and build a strong foundation with your guidance. Practice makes them perfect, show them how to climb to the top.

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