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I thought I will have a great Sunday and sleep for long hours. I was stuck with a networking issue on one of the HyperVM Server. Ips of VE’s were not pinging from outside world. All due to misconfiguration of SonicWall firewall and also the weird CentOS 5.2 nightmares. It was a challenge to look through all the logs, VE configuration etc.

Still the reported on network restart, VZ restart errors are on server which is running on latest CentOS 5.2, they do not seem to be troubling the health of VE’s created at the moment. Got a chance to rebuild the VPS nodes, Fix the /dev partition from back end as well as from the HyperVM front end, Blocking and Unblocking IPs on HyperVM and LXAdmin. Use of ippools instead of direct ip allocation (Both didn’t seem to have created issue on the server though). Playing with ARP cache was fun. It was a great hackathon for a day or two. Though there is an another challenging task in front of me.

I never got to keep my self awake like this for couple of months now after starting to work out at Gym ;) . I used to be an Insomniac but now, things have changed. I get to sleep a lot at least for 6 hours. Today I thought I will be back to the old biological cycle but now as everything is fixed, I’m desperate to hit the sack.

Eager to get on to work floor in night shift to start with my 6th year operation in my company.

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