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Happy SysAdmin day!


I couldn’t do much other than just tweeting about SysAdmin day early this morning. So here is this post. Just to keep note of the day which reminds me of type of services that I could offer to any one who owns a comp @ home/office or any where on this earth. On top of it all my work being appreciated at least for a day in an year.

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Nice to see lot of people spreading word about this day at facebook, twitter etc.

Happy SysAdmin day guys!


*Yugaadi* – Life is a right mix of Bevu and Bella


**Yugaadi** (Yuga – aadi : Beging of the new Era), start of a new year for the people of Deccan region of India. We share Bevu – Bella (Neem and Jaggery) on this festive day. Significance of bevu and bella is to remind sorrow and joyful moments of life during the beginning of a grand new year. This festival sends out a message to accept both of these in the right spirit and look forward for great things ahead this year.

May this new year bring you all happiness and joy.

Moonlit Mytri Night: Kaumudi Utsava


Spent my Sunday evening at Mytri Farms with Hpn watching this beautiful festival called “Kaumudi Utsava” in Moon light. We were invited by Nagesh Hegde, one of my favorite science writer. This is the second time I met him personally and I could even get a glimpse of his science presentation. He explained us about the moon from both angles, scientific and mythological. I did record his voice and will try uploading it as a pod-cast as soon as possible.

Couple of weeks back I had quoted one of my favorite song “Tera Eri Ambaradaage” as a title for my Kannada blog post at Sampada. This song was written by Dr. Dodda Range Gowda. I was lucky to meet him personally yesterday and talk to him about this post as well as the song. In fact hpn and AnilRamesh and myself were talking about him just before we hit the road towards Mytri.

Songs, talks by such great personalities in moon light and a nice dinner at the end. Altogether it was a great weekend spent away from work. Reached home at around 3AM after finishing few more scheduled tasks at hpn’s place. I’m yet to recall the actual meaning of “Kaumudi Utsava” and blog it here.

Watch out this space for pod-casts.

Watch Tera Eri Ambaradaage.. It means, On his chariot on sky, Sun is laughing. Wonderful lyrics. I shall put up its English translation some time for you all.


Time passes by

It has been quite some time that I bloged regularly. Busy with my new batch of trainees and have been teaching them Gnu/Linux. My passion for Gnu/Linux took me along with few of my comrades from Sampada community and we continued our journey with our unique Gnu/Linux install fest called “Gnu/Linux Habba” v3 @ NMAMIT, Nitte during the weekend. Had a real good time sharing knowledge with students, faculty crew and other interesting enthusiasts who came in there to join their hands with us in our work. Team of volunteers from the college were really helpful in getting many things done and it was really good to work with them. Thanks once again to all of them! My visits to Vidhyavana and Sheshavana opened windows to nature while Dr. Aravinda aithal spoke to us about it and its beauty. The Sunday spent with Mr. Addoor is an unforgettable event.

All this raises the bar up once again and see if I can do more than what I have planned to. I shall write about all this in detail once I’m done with my work.

Till then, have a great day….

Gnu/Linux Habba – v3 @ NMAMIT,Nitte

Sampada team is back on track with Gnu/Linux Habba. We will be at NMAMIT, Nitte on February 7th, 2009.  We have started the event preparations. Join your hands with us!

Event update:


Event website and blog:


Date: February 7th, 2009.