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[cPanel-News] Tech Advisory: BIND: Red Hat and CentOS

Here is an update on BIND for cPanel server admin’s

Recent versions of Bind distributed by RedHat and?CentOS enable strict zone checking at startup time. This setting can potentially cause problems for Bind users with a large number of zone files or syntax errors in individual zone files. In these circumstances, users may experience an inability to restart Bind after a shutdown.?cPanel has produced and distributed an autofixer for this condition. This repair will run automatically on all systems with updates enabled. However, cPanel checks only occur at specific times and depending upon update schedules, users experiencing issues restarting Bind may benefit from manually executing the code to disable strict zone checking. You may safely execute the autofixer at your discretion by running the following command:


Source: cPanel Blog

Happy SysAdmin day!


I couldn’t do much other than just tweeting about SysAdmin day early this morning. So here is this post. Just to keep note of the day which reminds me of type of services that I could offer to any one who owns a comp @ home/office or any where on this earth. On top of it all my work being appreciated at least for a day in an year.

Read more about this day @

Nice to see lot of people spreading word about this day at facebook, twitter etc.

Happy SysAdmin day guys!


LxLabs Ligesh commits suicide

ligeshA brilliant software engineer, Founder of, creator of HyperVM – optimized virtualization technology which runs on both Xen and OpenVZ, “Host In a Box” solution LxAdmin/Kloxo for Web hosting companies, server owners, resellers – K.T Ligesh(32) commited suicide last night (8th June,2009) at his residence located in H.S.R Layout, Bangalore.

Yesterday night I was discussing with few of my colleagues about the recent vulnerability report logged on the net and the fixes released to patch it. Sadly I get to read this news in  papers on returning home. His innovative products have made a very good name in industry in a very short span of time. A very hardworking talent, free and open source enthusiast and a guitarist. He always thrived provide a best and an optimized web hosting tool to hosting industry. Its a great loss to all of us.

I recall interacting with this genius engineer prior to his product  launch and commenting on few initial glitches that I had noticed here at Instacarma. He has been such a great help during our further interactions on LxLabs forum etc. Instacarma family offers its deep condolences to his family and friends.

He puts a question mark in-front of us and LxAdmin’s future is unknown. There are more questions to be answered while his soul rests in peace.

News Source: TOI

Image Source: Kannada Prabha

Fix for LxLabs vulnerability announcement

HyperVM/Kloxo users are here by alerted to patch their installations by running the update script by LxLabs team.

Multiple security vulnerabilities were discovered in hyperVM and Lxadmin/Kloxo. It is recommended that you update your hyperVM/Kloxo systems to the latest version, as soon as possible.

Details of the vulnerabilities will be posted in the coming days in our forum.

On hyperVM or Kloxo master, Run:


Status: Client hold – Domain registration

If you’re unable to browse the your website, first do a whois check on the website. This could be done by using a command called whois in your terminal or you can visit the registrar’s web page where in they will let you do whois query.

For ex:

The above query will result in following response with the domain status.

Domain Name: TECHFIZ.COM
Whois Server:
Referral URL:

If you ever get to see a domain status set to “CLIENT HOLD“, it means you domain registrar has set this status for your domain and there will be no DNS resolution possible as long as the status remains unchanged.

Invalid WHOIS, spam complaints, or any legal disputes etc might have triggered this status. You should contact the registrar vial email to get this issue sorted out.

cPanel 11.24 Enters RELEASE Today!

Posted: 16 Dec 2008 07:07 PM CST @ cPanel blog

After weeks of intense testing and feedback all the great new features and optimizations present in cPanel 11.24 EDGE and CURRENT are now in our RELEASE build.  11.24.4 includes many updates and enhancements that have been discussed in past posts. Now, those customers who prefer to use cPanel’s RELEASE build get to find out what all the buzz is about.

To find out more about all the optimizations and updates that 11.24.4 brings to the table please have a look here.

Cpanel bug: Not able to view few options

If you’re unable to view some of the feature icon’s for your account in cpanel, that might be due to a cpanel bug. You can empty the ” .cpanel ” folder which you can find in your account’s home directory and then try accessing the cpanel to see it working fine.

Normally these issues are found with the cpanel accounts on which rebranding is done by Resellers or servers owners.